Over the years I have found so much that can be done better on Paros.  Imbibing wine and eating urchins are two that come to mind right away.  Another common refrain is that it is so easy to relax on Paros no matter what activity you are indulging in.  I have attributed this to Paros's famous marble; perhaps the whole island is a giant underground crystal with healing properties.  This leads me to the subject of yoga workshops which have been popular on Paros.

So this September we will team with certified yoga instructor Bram Levinson from Montreal, Canada to host a 10 day yoga workshop on Paros.  Bram tells about it from the yoga perspective on his blog with more facts on his web site.

From my perspective the emphasis will be on the food, drink and resort accommodations at Margarita Studios in Ambelas with side trips to other island culinary hot spots such as Magaya and the Aliki sea front.  September is the absolutely best month to enjoy Paros.  Join us, won't you?


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