Antiparos made the news headlines in a good way last month with a new high quality olive oil product.  The announcement is buried in several organisational levels so it is difficult to know just who or what is involved.  But the idea is that olives grown on Antiparos are processed on Antiparos into high value extra virgin olive oil that is sold world wide.  Also a portion of the proceeds will be contributed to the Greek America Foundation's Greek Legacy Scholarship to bring young Greek Americans to Greece.  Learn more at this web site:

Here's a fun holiday activity:  dog walking!  Vicki Preston of Paros Life has put out this announcement:

can you spare just a couple of hours once per month?

We need 31 volunteers - one for each day of the month - to help with the dog walking at the shelter. If you can spare a couple of hours a month (and of course you can offer to do more than this if you'd like to), please add your name to the schedule here.  
Vicki goes on to explain that visitors can also sign up for a shorter period.  See more information and instructions at the link.  This is respite care for the paid caretaker that is much appreciated and you get the pleasure of companions while strolling through a pleasant undeveloped area of Paros.  Just do it.

Speaking of benefiting Paros and Parians we still have many available weeks in our selection of private villa rentals.  These accommodations are more spacious and less costly than hotels for your family or small group.  Check out the choices.

More on volunteering on Paros, in Greece or anywhere abroad at


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