Thanks to Harry Eliopoulos of Encode for this New Year's Day Photo of  Parnassos Ski Center.

This is a part of Greece tourism that Greek islanders seldom think of.  In our ten years on Paros I think we saw snow maybe three times; once at sea level for a couple hours and twice dusting in the hills for a couple days.

Most Greece ski resorts opened before Christmas and others not far behind.  Here is a list for those interested in searching more:  Karpenissi, Vassilitsa, Pisoderi, Kaimaktsalan, Kalavryta, Pigadia, Seli, Elatohori, Metsovo, Falakro, and Parnassos.

Read about our spring trip to the ski town of Arachova.

ω ω ω ω ω 

Meanwhile Ryanair announced another two new Greece routes for 2013 adding to their already impressive list.  The newest are between Kalamata and Milan and Zakynthos and Brussels.

Their biggest move was on 19 Dec 2012 when they announced a whole new base in Chania, Crete, their first in Greece.  Starting in April 2013 they will fly between 25 European cities including London, Edinburgh, Milan and Thessaloniki.  Check out if Ryan serves your city--though perhaps serve is the wrong word.  Ryanair is noted for low fares and bad service.  But they can't be any worse than the old Olympic around 2008.  We have flown with Ryanair several times without any major complaint, yet.

The base at Chania Airport is set to have 106 weekly flights, 500,000 passengers and employ 500 persons on site.  Add the value of  the unknown number of new visitors their low fares will bring to Greece and you have a sizable boost to the local economy.

Think Greece for 2013!


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