This article continues a theme that locally produced food is more healthy than mass produced and that where you eat and drink greatly influences the taste.

Years ago we had a program on Paros for guests to help with the olive oil harvest in exchange for a portion of the oil.  However, the scheme died because not many people want to travel to the Greek islands in November which is harvest time.

Grevena3Now I see that the prefecture of Grevena in the central mainland of Greece is hosting the 9th Panhellenic Mushroom Festival on November 4 – 5.  They say over 5,000 varieties of mushrooms grow wild in Greece and over half of them can be found in this region.  They probably have nearly as many recipes for the fungus including liquors and candies.  Local as well as international chefs will be attending the festival.  I hope they get a few tourists as well.

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