Yesterday the Wall Street Journal published an economic profile of the upstate New York dairy industry and its leading star Chobani.

I enjoyed the way the article opened with the 2005 factory closing by Kraft foods which resulted in the loss of 55 jobs.  Since buying the factory in 2007 Chobani now has 600 employees and is still growing.  The Greece company Fage has also opened a plant nearby and the local dairy farms are racing to keep up with the demand.  Chobani ships to all 50 US states; 1.2 million cases of Greek yogurt each week.

yogurtfruitWhen we have written about Greek yogurt before I thought it tasted better due to higher fat.  But the WSJ says it is less salty, less acid and more tang and protein than normal USA yogurt.  Thus it is popular with the weight conscious as well as the gourmet.

As an aside the founder of Chobani (Greek for shepherd) is from Turkey and said it could have just as well been called Turkish yogurt.

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