Greetings to all my Chinese readers out there.  Ha, do I have any?  Let me know.

Welcome to Air China

Anyway, I have been watching with interest over the past couple years as Greece and China have cozied up to each other business wise.  This was given a boost when Greece elected the President of Socialist International as Prime Minister (George Papandreou).  Now Greece has created excellent karma in China by greatly aiding the evacuation of Chinese citizens from Libya.

I have also been reading that tourism from China is mushrooming all over the world, yet we see very few Asians on Paros.  Maybe that will improve this year because Air China announced in February that on May 11 they will begin “direct” (by way of Munich) flights to Athens from Beijing.

Hmm, it will be interesting to see how many Chinese are interested in the birth place of Western civilization.


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