We are preparing to do a lot of travelling over the next few months—something like six separate flights before February.  Our biggest concern, other than cost, of course, is weight restrictions on luggage.  So I was whinging that airline tickets ought to be sold on the basis of total weight of passenger and baggage.  I figure that most adults weigh more than I do so I should come out ahead.  Or at least I would not be able to complain about excessive charges for extra weight.

Today I see a survey for TravelSpec.com of 6,000 U.K. travellers indicates that 70% favour charging overweight passengers if they infringe on a neighbouring seat.  The others say that that obesity is embarrassing enough and they shouldn’t have to pay extra.  Hmm, I wonder if the respondents indicated their own weight?

In other questions survey participants indicated that crying babies and restless passengers were also a concern but the greatest number said they would least like to sit next to people with body odour.  True, I can’t think of anything worse.  How about you?

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