According to the Kathimerini paper in Athens, Greece’s Prime Minister, George Papandreou, is spending several days on Paros.  As I wrote before one of his right hand men, Interior Minister Yiannis Ragousis is from Paros.  They are supposedly meeting with other Socialist Party cohorts regarding a Cabinet reshuffle to take place shortly.

Our island is so full this weekend it is easy to believe we are the centre of the Greek world.  Though I have not heard anything lately of other celebrities.  Even Tom Hanks sitings have been few this year.

A couple of days ago we read that  a small airplane with six Israeli security police onboard crash landed on Santorini.  There were no serious injuries but I wondered what kind of spy adventure was going on.  Then we read that Israel’s PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, was meeting Greece’s PM in Athens and that seemed to explain it.  Maybe a short holiday on Santorini on the way to Athens.  But now with Papandreou on Paros why would they meet in Athens.   Hmmm, maybe there are other spies or celebrities around or is this speculation a symptom of island fever?


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