SamariaGorge One of the longest gorges in Europe, Samaria on Crete, opened for the 2010 season on Saturday.

The 16 kilometre-long gorge starts at an altitude of 1,250 meters at the northern entrance in the settlement of Omalos and
ending at the shores of the Libyan Sea.  The actual walk through the Samaria National Park is 13 km long, but the trekker has to walk another three kilometres to Aghia Roumeli from the park exit.

This trek is only recommended for the experienced walker with hiking boots.  Also unless you take an escorted tour you have to be an adventuresome traveller because it is easy to miss the ferry and bus connection back to Chania, the nearest city.  This happened to Karin and I when we made the jaunt in 2001.  That was one of those days you can laugh about afterwards but was not pleasant as it unfolded.


Part two of this post is follow-up on a previous post:  Another Paros Boy Makes Good in which I commented upon Greece government decentralisation.

Recently Yiannis Ragoussis, Minister of the Interior, etc. presented the “Kallikratis” plan for re-organisation of local government.  It is to create fewer municipalities with more power and funding, he says.

What was especially interesting to me was his admission that prior Socialist governments were part of the problem as well.  Here is the quote from the Athens News Agency: 

"There is now a general awareness that the wasteful, clientist,
centralised and inefficient state is the cause of the Greek problem as we experience this today," he said.

I think we are seeing the evolution of major changes in Greece.  Who said, “We are living in interesting times.” ?


At March 23, 2012 4:48 PM Sacha said...

Can't wait for the gorge to be open for 2012! Done it a few years back with some trainers on... big mistake! I'm not an 'experienced walker' and certainly seen some slightly 'unfit' people doing it!

Don't be scared people! Get involved, it's beautiful!



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