Typically we choose to spend our Easter in a very low key manner.  Yesterday we packed a picnic and scootered the length of the island to Monistiri Beach.  We had read several articles in Paros Life indicating this beach and the peninsula behind it were being converted to a nature and conservation park.

So I was quite surprised to see that the beach club there—long noted for wild music and parties—had been enlarged and that the beach umbrella stands were all set up for this season.  One never knows what is actually happening behind high-sounding press releases, I guess.  Maybe it means the music will be more conservative.

Monistiri Anyway we had an enjoyable time hiking around and eating our lunch to the sound of water lapping on rocks.  We were offered a beer by some young men who were barbecuing a lamb on the shore.  They had come from Athens on the yacht in the photo.  On the way home we noticed a great many family gatherings which is the traditional way the Greeks spend Easter.


Anyone who will be near Athens this 16-20 June should check out the 2nd Annual Athens Fringe Festival.  In addition to the more traditional music and stage performances the program includes bar poets, concerts in galleries, dance lessons, juggling, photography and film festivals.  Even the shops are getting into the act with White Night in Athens, whatever that is.  Most of the performances are at the Technopolis theatre in Gazi.


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