Anyone interested in geology, volcanoes, minerals and the like must go to Milos.  Everyone else will find it quite an interesting island with a lot of variety and differences from other Cycladic islands.

Adamas We stayed in the port town of Adamas but found the fishing village of Pollonia more pleasant; it reminded us of our home village of Aliki. 




RomanTheatreOther pleasant places were Plaka and Tripiti which overlooked a Roman theatre which overlooked an ancient port.

I won’t post photos here of the two areas that one always sees in articles about Milos, Sarakiniko and Papafragus, but we did go there and enjoyed the experience.

The highlight for me was the Mining Museum and the abandoned sulphur mine (see previous post for photo).  The latter is difficult to find over rough and not clearly mapped roads. (Clues are to keep going straight and watch for signs reading Thiorichia in Greek letters.)

MilosHill If you are into buying property on a Greek island, Milos should have some cheap places left because more than half the island is remote and undeveloped.  A lot of the rest is wind swept with open mines, so you need a tolerance for dust and in places the slight smell of sulphur.

At the abandoned sulphur mine—the workers just up and left one day in 1958 when they found out the owners were bankrupt—I was fascinated by all the volcanic rock and minerals of infinite variety and colour laying everywhere. 

CavesWe were also intrigued that the island has countless caves that were adapted for current use by the inhabitants.  

Among the minerals being actively mined to this present day are bentonite, perlite, kaolin, and baryte.  Look them up, if you want to know more.


O!xamos Another highlight of our Milos visit was a meal at the O! Hamo taverna.  We have never seen anything like it in Greece for charm and character.  Then we were pleasantly surprised by friendly, efficient service and to top it off, the food was great.  I strongly advise any island hoppers who are getting tired of the traditional taverna to make a point of discovering this place at the edge of Adamas.  Its a place to write home about!

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At August 01, 2009 2:32 PM tesking said...

Can u guide me that from where can i get more information about it?About hotels?currency rates,prices of different things,traveling etc?

At August 01, 2009 2:34 PM E20-001 said...

It seems to me different pictures...Do u have more?

At August 03, 2009 2:13 PM Paros Shepherd said...

Sorry, I do not do that type of commentary; it changes too fast.
When I travel to a new location I just start searching and browsing and usually find the information that I am looking for.
Of course, I don't want to know everything in advance because that takes away from the adventure.


At August 03, 2009 2:17 PM Paros Shepherd said...

My older Greek island photos are at

Newer ones at:


At August 05, 2009 2:07 PM tesking said...

Thx for ur reply...@ Paros Shepherd


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