SeaUrchinRoe I must not travel in the right circles.  I have been on Paros for nine years and just ate sea urchin roe for the first time.

It was served as a starter/appetiser at a fish taverna to a tour group of Vespa owners.  We were along for the ride.  I would say the dish was well received although a few were not brave enough to try it.

I enjoyed it though I would not rave about it.  It seems that most delicacies, such as caviar, are an acquired taste.  Although I was so involved in the gastronomic experience that I forgot to take a photo.  This one is from Italy but looks exactly like what we were served.

Sea urchin is quite popular in Asian cuisine, including sushi.  Several organizations are studying how to commercialize its aquaculture. 

When I first arrived on Paros it was not uncommon to see piles of sea urchin shells left by fishermen who had harvested the delicate innards.  The last few years, however, the eatable variety has been scarce.

Here is a recipe from an Oregon State economic project:  With the roe from a dozen sea urchin use salt, pepper, lime juice, butter or olive oil. Saut√© while stirring gently at very low heat.  Cool and serve with crackers or toast.



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