We have been back on Paros since Thursday and now on Sunday we are nearly settled in and caught up.  Though things will never be the same as before we left at the end of March.

BountyNot only do we each have new computers and a new device to watch computer downloads on our TV, we also have lots of new clothes and many items of our favourite foods.  For instance we can get peanut butter and maple syrup on Paros but only at speciality import stores and at “special” prices.  One delicacy that we can’t get here is Beaver Horseradish Sauce, a national brand made in our home town of Beaverton, Oregon.

The photo above is just a portion of our bounty.

ProlificArtichokesThe major surprise we received when we looked over our veranda was our artichoke crop.  We left large plants with no buds but returned to prolific bushes.  Along with fresh local beets they made a great lunch today, especially with a touch of Beaver Horseradish Sauce!



Garden close up of upper garden We were also pleasantly surprised with the abundance of blooming flowers around our house.  It’s good to be back.

(Please click on photos to enlarge.)





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