Last week we had been invited to pop over to Antiparos, our neighboring island, for their community cinema club meeting.  We passed then because the movie didn't appeal to us, but this week it was  ***, an Oscar nominee.

  Update:  I learned from the first comment that this group wants to keep a low profile for their strictly local activities.  So I have edited this post a bit.  It is too late to retract it, I am afraid due to some of my automatic publicity.

Let me say I never buy bootleg CD's or DVD's--the itinerant vendors are in constant flow in any resort area--but my conscience was clear in attending this free showing.  If any readers are entitled to royalties of this film, first, congratulations, second, leave a comment and I will gladly pay your share for this group of 30 or so viewers.



This photo shows Karin and a friend boarding the local ferry for the six minute jaunt.  By the way there is an inside lounge which no one uses in the summer but all 10 passengers shared it for this trip as there was a cold North wind blowing.






I thought I would take a candid photo of the snack bar and some of the patrons but I was a little too long in focusing.  However I did not spend enough time composing.




The venue was the common room in the primary school.  The walls were lined with historical photos, probably from the 1960's as the young girl sitting on her mother's lap in the center photo had brought a fig tart to share.  I especially enjoyed the photos of the bakery in action because we have such romantic notions of these small ovens shared by every group of houses.

Probably the best part of the experience was the pre-show dinner we had at Pandalis's Taverna.  We had very simple grilled chicken skewers but his tomato and mayonnaise type sauce was the best I have ever had.

Oh yes, the film was terrific.  We thoroughly got into it.  I think the depiction of life in India while following the adventures of two young boys was quite well done.  It was graphic yet not as brutal as I have read in other accounts especially of the criminal underworld.  There were no scenes showing the lifestyle of the middle and upper classes, however.  Since I spend a lot of time on a computer I enjoyed the few scenes that showed a very large call centre in action.  We highly recommend this movie even if you have to watch it in an ordinary cinema.

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At February 21, 2009 9:18 PM Anonymous said...

Very nice description of the night in the island, but...let's keep it as a secret, the more the news spread out the sooner the film nights in the island will end...
Please, remove at least the title of the movie so as not to erase any suspicions, since it is forbidden to broadcast a movie that has not even been at the cinemas yet.

Thank you,
antiparian cine-club fan and member


At February 23, 2009 10:00 AM Anonymous said...

It's the taverna of Panteli, better known as Pipes. And I agree with the previous poster: the cinema is intended to be for the local community and only runs in the winter. There is another open air cinema,however, which runs in the summer and is a very pleasant experience.

At February 24, 2009 12:38 AM antiparos-blog said...

it's better to keep it a secret.
Of course everyone is welcome.
The film will be shown again soon.
Nice review of the event,
c u next Friday


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