A while back we came upon an article about the rich and famous buying their own private Greek island--and the Beatles failed attempt to do the same. Read more here.

The six minute ferry ride between Paros and Antiparos passes by a very small private island that holds two villas and various out buildings. We don't know much about the owners but did see them dock at Antiparos the same time we got off the ferry. They looked ordinary. We heard that they bought the island in the 1950's for something like $5000.

However, the Antiparos villa owner that everyone talks about is Tom Hanks. For awhile every large villa or luxury boat on Antiparos was said to be his. Actually his villa was pretty much completed this year although he only spent a few days there instead of his usual few weeks.

These two photos are of his house. I only included the second one because it shows our house as well--one of the white dots along the shore in the far background.


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