July 1 marked the world premier in London of the film version of the popular musical, Mamma Mia. The film is expected to inspire movie goers to book a trip to the Greek islands. It is a romance featuring the songs of Abba and stars Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan.

While shot last year on the Sporades islands of Skiathos and Skopelos, these islands are unnamed in the story.

I would appreciate a comment from anyone who has seen the stage or film version.


At July 15, 2008 11:51 AM Anonymous said...

Beautiful film, very refreshing, all these shots of the Greek sea and islands, so nice for an Athenian to watch... Nice songs, excellent performance by Meryl Streep.

At July 15, 2008 1:42 PM Anonymous said...

I was concerned with the global attraction of Pierce Brosnan and the type of roles associated with him because of the Bond in his CV, but Meryl Streep was a well chosen balance. So the film makers appealed to the wider audience as far as the cast goes.
The scenery is stunning as always is with Greek islands, and Abba tunes were nostalgic yet fresh.
A winning combination I'd say.
Not entirely my type of a film, but well worth seeing.

At July 19, 2008 9:59 AM Anonymous said...

Great film!!

It was a BLAST!

We caught the 930PM showing after the 7PM had sold out. The entire Theater was packed with a lively crowd of gay men, both young and old. LOTS of groups of women and a few elderly couples to my amazement.

There are a few points in the film that are weak--for instance--the mens vocal performances but the campy high points more than made up for it!!

Julie Walters and Christine Baranski are hysterical as Meryl's two best friends!!!

I think the fact that the audience patricipated so much added to the fun factor.

Loved the Greek Island backdrop--certainly refreshing and original.
Will no doubt do so much for the Islands economy with the onslaught of tourist wanting to see the filming locations.

Key scenes that will have you pee yourself are:

*Donna ( Meryl ) first discovers her three ex flings in her barn loft while singing Mamma Mia! The flashbacks are hilarious!

*Donna daydreams of being rich and envisions herself in a long, flowing gown billowing in the ocean breeze as she's propped up on the ships brow while singing Money, Money, Money! LOL

*Sophie and Skye are on the beach and all the guys come out of the ocean & start dancing on the pier singing Lay all your love on Me!!LMAO!!! So gay but so damn funny!!

It's impossible to get the humour across unless you see it for yourself--so many hysterical moments throughout but oh what fun it is!!

Take a friend to see it---it's most definitely a sharing experience!!

At March 24, 2009 12:16 PM TestKing said...

Very nice movie. I have seen it three times. And it remains its presentation as well as story quality.


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