Several of our friends on Paros are from The Netherlands and several of our friends on Paros are artists. They both came together this week at an Exhibition by Five Dutch Artists on Paros.

The exhibition catalog included this excerpt by H.J.A. Hofland, Dutch journalist:

Referring to artist centres such as Monmartre, Paris he writes:
“It seems possible now that Paros will develop in a similar way. This small island possesses the indefinable atmosphere necessary to an artist to start work and to continue working. During several decades an international community of painters and writers has settled here, people who know they feel at home here as the continuity of their production shows. This has nothing to do with the usual tourism. Nowadays Paros has become a centre of artistic revival. And it keeps on growing.

‘What are the reasons for this growth? In the first place it is about freedom. Of course there are tourists here during the summer, but compared to other Greek islands they don’t form an occupation force in the season. There is no tourist industry. Moreover Paros is situated in a crossroads of maritime routes. Parikia cannot be called a city, but neither is it a village. Since centuries it has maintained itself as an international settlement. Inevitably this has influenced the inhabitants’ mentality. The people are open, hospitable, curious.

‘Artists need galleries to show their work, bars to talk to their fellow-artists, though not necessarily about their profession, an inspiring landscape where one can breathe freely. Paros possesses all this, and in addition: the sea.”


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