An ancient sculpture known as the Berkelely Plato was recently authenticated based largely on its Parian marble. Now it can be said that the portrait sculpture gives a real indication of what Plato actually looked like. Read all about it Here , but I quote:

"He reported that tests of samples of the bust and pedestal by the Demokritos Laboratory of Archaeometry in Athens prove that both pieces are Parian marble, the stone of choice for ancient sculptors.
Even more significant, Miller said, is that the Parian quarry ceased production in the late Roman period, and there is not a single example of a Renaissance or early modern forgery or copy of an ancient statue made with marble from the island of Paros. "

We are proud of our Parian marble. The ancient quarries are a popular stop in our around the island tour.


At May 03, 2008 2:32 PM Travelhouseuk said...

A portrait herm of the Greek philosopher Plato is emerging from a century of obscurity and disrespect to assume its rightful place in ancient history, thanks to the sleuthing of a University of California, Berkeley, classics professor.


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