I just searched my blog for gyros and souvlaki and was surprised that I have not written more about what I consider the greatest food value in the world--as far as I have experienced anyway.

In 2007 the price was €1.80 most places and €2.00 sometimes. For this you get a toasted pita bread spread with tzatziki and filled with meat, onions tomatoes and fried potatoes. The meat is either shaved pork from a special vertical cooker--gyros, or cubes of pork or chicken grilled on a stick--souvlaki. I usually order souvlaki because it is slightly less fatty but often receive gyros because that is the standard. It helps to specify "stick".

Two things about the value: 1) If you order a Coke with it the price goes up by 1.50 to 1.80. No comparison in value in my mind. 2) If you order a gyros or souvlaki portion on a plate, you get slightly increased portions for 3 times the price. Again, not good value.

Also try different locations. Like anything else except Coke-a-Cola the quality can vary from place to place.

The reason this subject came up is that I just discovered a great web site all about frappe'. Frappe' is that tall glass of coffee-coloured foam that you see all the Greeks nursing through an afternoon. Check out this fun Squidoo site: http://www.squidoo.com/frappe

So, there are at least two Greek traditions every visitor should try: gyros pita and frappe'.
While you are on Squidoo check out some of my sites there and vote for your favourite Greek island at http://www.squidoo.com/Best_Greek_Island



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