Just as we are starting to make plans for our Paros Art Workshops for 2008 we see a report in The Granville Sentinel--I use Google Alerts as a news clipping service--about two former participants and a friend who are having a gallery showing in Newark, Ohio. Entitled "Greek Memories in Line and Colour", the showing includes works done on Paros as well as other Greece locations.

Congratulations to Margery Mitchell, Mary Helen Fernandez-Stewart and Don Gunnerson for presenting their art to a wide audience. Read more about the Showing HERE. Read more about Art Workshops on Paros on our site.

Also in 2008 the brand new Acropolis Museum will be opening in stages. Described as ultra-modern, it is the much bally-hooed environment designed to hold the Parthenon Marbles, better known as the Elgin Marbles, when and if the British Museum decides to return them to Greece.

In the meantime, starting on October 14th they will start moving the other priceless antiquities from the old museum atop the Acropolis down to the new location a good distance away. This will be done in a relay using three giant cranes. A successful dry run with a 2.5 ton piece of plain marble was carried out today.
15 October Update: This photo was lifted from BBC News.

This photo was taken by Karin yesterday on the dramatic island of Amorgos. The clouds were actually flowing over the cliffs like a waterfall. We spent three days there by way of the island of Donoussa.As soon as we get a description written up for our main web site we will include more photos and information here.


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