One of Karin's favourite garments is a sweatshirt given to her by her son, Stuart, as a souvenir of his time in France. It is from The Sorbonne in Paris and now is well over 25 years old.

La Sorbonne, itself, is over 700 years old and has decided to start it's expansion through Europe by establishing a campus in Athens.

Due to the already strong ties between Greek and French universities they hope to offer master's-level courses in law, communications, international relations and psychology in the academic year 2008-09.

This recent announcement is probably related to the Communist Student group that has been protesting in Athens. They are unhappy that the European Union is forcing Greece to recognize degrees from private schools related to foreign universities. Now third level education in Greece is going to have to compete with the rest of Europe. That will undoubtedly bring about great improvement.

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