I have decided to get double duty out of what I wrote for a discussion group by posting it here.
I was asked: "Is there as much "machismo" in Greece as has been reported or is it another stereotype?"

My answer: Interesting question. I have two examples.

A few years back I read a European Commission sponsored study that listed the average number of times that people had sex per month by nationality. Greek men were at the top of the list. This did not quite match my understanding compared to the French and Italians, say. So I looked into the study further. Turns out it was just a survey; they asked the men. I had to laugh; who would believe what a Greek man told them!

I field many questions per year from single women about the advisability, safety of traveling alone in Greece. I assure them that while Athens is like any big city anywhere once you get to the islands you are perfectly safe and will have no problems--as long as you don't mind the compliment of men vocally admiring your feminine assets. The Greek men are very friendly to foreign women, but they will take No as an answer. Of course they have been known to accept a Yes on occasion as well.

Question: "Who was the great Greek comedian?"
My answer:
The Shakespeare of ancient Greece was Aristophanes.
His play that all colleges like to produce because of the sexual theme and phallic costuming is Lysistrata.

Here is a link to an online course about Greek Theatre: http://novaonline.nvcc.edu/eli/spd130et/ancientgreek.htm


At September 21, 2007 4:57 PM K said...

My first time here and obviously I am so overcome with jealousy at your fabulous life that I will be back again to glower.


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