The news just gets better and better for ease--and hopefully cost--of flying to Greece.
Continental Airlines has just made a major announcement of daily non-stop flights between "New York" (Newark's Liberty International) and Athens. This New Jersey hub will connect to 230 additional destinations.

Newark Liberty International Airport

You can tell they are serious because the press release talks about reducing to four flights per week during the slow winter months and returning to seven flights in March 2008.

Also recently Air China said they would begin flights from Beijing to Athens via Dubai and fly direct if and when traffic warrants. Greece officials have recently been courting the growing Chinese tourism trade.

Including earlier announced new flights by other airlines--some of which are direct to island airports--more flights mean more visitors from more places. Maybe even enough that the ferry companies will be motivated to schedule better connections or the Greece government motivated to force Olympic Airways to become efficient. No, that is too unrealistic.


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