When in Greece be careful where you dig a hole! In just the last few days as a new construction season starts the following finds have been reported. Each one is major; the total is mind-boggling.

This photo was taken by Karin on Delos, the ancient religious centre, which is now uninhabited.

1) Ancient statue of Hera found near Mt. Olympus.
This was a chance discovery unearthed during excavations of a rampart in the city centre, where it had been used as building material in early Christian times. The headless statue is seated on a throne. It is carved in the same position, form and style as a statue of Zeus, also headless, that was found four years earlier in the bed of the Vafyros River nearby. This is the first such pair of statutes to be found in Greece although others are described in ancient literature.

2) Ancient building complex near Voula resort (outskirts of Athens)
The complex dating back to the Classical era (5th-4th Century B.C.) has a square profile and a 25-metre side and was built around a compound. The large quantity of ceramics and coins found lead archaeologists to believe that it was a public facility with extensive business and religious activities.

3) Ottoman town and Roman city in the northern city of Thessaloniki
The construction of the city's Metro has brought to
light the primarily unknown city that had existed during the Ottoman
era and elements of the metropolis from the Roman era, almost 20
Centuries ago.

4) Ancient Theatre of Acharnae (now a suburb of Athens)
Excavations for an apartment house were suspended when part of an ancient Greek temple started coming into view. The Archaeological Agency immediately stepped in and unearthed 15 levels of limestone-built auditorium belonging to a fourth-century BC theatre.
The village of Acharnae was the largest of a string of rural settlements outside Athens. Ancient writers mention a theatre at Acharnae, but no traces of it had been found until now. The well known comic poet Aristophanes is believed to have presented his celebrated comedy The Acharnians there.

Compiled from reports by ANA, ERT and AP.


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I would love to visit Greece someday.


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