With the beautiful, nearly cloud free day we are now having it is hard to believe that the last few days and nights we have had some torrential downpours including the dreaded mud bath.

Sahara sand sounds like a decorator color but for us it is a combination of high South winds and rain. Read more and photo from last year's douse.

There are still a few showers in the forecast but then nothing but fine weather.

The news papers have been full of warnings about summer drought due to the unusually dry winter. The politicians have announced that 167 million Euro has been "set aside" for the Aegean islands for the likes of construction of mobile desalination units, the leasing of vessels and tanker trucks for the transportation of water, water boring and construction of water reservoirs.

On Paros there are two main concerns; brush fires and water to flush the hotel toilets. Since, in my opinion, the spring downpours have made up for the winter dryness we have nothing to worry about. Touch wood.

Read more about life on Paros on our full service Paros web site.


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