The following story caught our interest because over the past few weeks all of our neighbors have been pruning their olive trees. This news must not have reached them, however. They have either been feeding the leaves and twigs to their sheep and goats or burning them. Maybe we should go stand in the smoke or buy some meat from them.

Olive Leaf Frenzy Strikes Greece
"A nationwide media frenzy in Greece over the alleged cancer-fighting properties of fresh olive leaves mashed and mixed with water has stripped trees of their leaves and put prices for a package of olive leaves in the stratosphere, with some stores charging up to 50 Euro a kilo. "
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This next entry falls under the weird category. We appreciate people coming to Greece for all reasons, BUT why spend the money on airfare when you can "get hammered" at home? Rhodes, Corfu, Ios and other Greek islands do have quite the party reputation. Paros is relatively tame, I guess. Of course how would I know--though I have seen young people coming home at dawn on the very few occassions that I have been up and out at that time of the morning.

Let Joe Go to Greece to Get Hammered With His Friends Fund!
This is a not(really)-for-profit fund attempting to further the life experience of a one Joe. He wants more than anything in the world to travel to Rhodes, Greece with his old friends to participate in their drunken senior trip merriment. Unfortunately he is not made of money and is a poor college student. He needs our help...
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