We are really enjoying the calm after the flurry of summer business. So far the October weather has been delightfully warm and calm. There is a sense of peacefulness as we walk the streets and beaches with just a scattering of other people--mostly older couples, a few younger couples.

Yesterday we took a jaunt to our favourite beach, Agri Irini, with the idea of having an ouzo after our swim at one of the tavernas. The south beach (Palm Beach) was closed up tight and the few people on the strip of sand were mostly nudists so we headed to the north Beach. The taverna there was having a private party to eat up the leftovers as they had just closed for the season. Karin's charm earned us a free ouzo.

The sun and sand were delightful but I couldn't walk to my preferred snorkeling spot without disturbing the congress of an amorous couple. It seems the sparsity of people on the beaches and along the paths this time of year produces a back to nature effect. Hmmm, if you can't beat them, join them.


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