24 Oct Update: After reinstalling my old security suite I managed to upload four photos.

We have been having heavy rain and wind the last couple days. Just before it started Karin and I discovered an excellent place to weather the storm: the Moraitis Winery.

The winery has an excellent reputation on Paros but like Greece wines in general it is not known much elsewhere. In fact I was quite surprised at its large size and extensive storage. We have been in many Oregon and California wineries that are smaller. The photos will convey this better than my words.

There is a large central vault/hallway with numerous smaller vaults to each side; right for bottles, left for barrels.

Ha Ha or HeHeHe For Two days I have not been able to upload any photos.
(Plus numerous other computer problems; all related I am guessing to memory requirements of an upgraded security program. Just another example of terrorist activities creating havoc in everyday lives. And another example of the prevention being worse than the possible illness. Or just another case of me being frustrated as hell!)

We regularly drink their reds so took advantage of the tasting room to try their premium white and a rose'. Both are made from a Monemvasia-Asyrtiko blend. We found them excellent--certainly better than what we normally drink. The white had great character and depth; the rose' had a berry fruit taste without being too sweet. They also produce red and white from organically grown grapes.

The winery is not only open most days for tastings and tours it has a large tasting room with a grand piano and an audio-visual room for presentations. So it is available for meetings and conferences, that is social and cultural events.

The tasting rooms and storage facilities also serve as an excellent museum of by-gone wine and ouzo production. Karin did her usual job of many excellent photos. I had to severely limit what was included here to just convey the winery and not the museum.

For more on Cycladic wines read this article in our full service Paros web site.


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