One of the little known benefits of living simply on a Greek island is the general lack of bathroom scales. No one bothers, so it has been two years since Karin and I weighed ourselves.

Yesterday, however, we walked into the wrong neighborhood. Suddenly we were confronted by a "stand-on" scale in the doorway of a pharmacy. Tending to be the type that rush in where angels fear to tread, I stepped onto the infernal machine. Boom, the needle swung to XX kg. Oh, oh my short hand conversion into pounds was way too high; I need to go home and use a calculator. Then maybe the result will be more acceptable.

No such luck, however. October this year has been a difficult month.We have only gone swimming a few days and I have not replaced that with regular walking. Top that off with the annual round of dinner parties for the expats who are leaving for the winter and my belly is back to the obnoxious size it was last spring.

No photos are available to illustrate this post!

So here is one of Karin swimming last week.


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