The new school year started with a teacher's strike that is still ongoing. Below are comments by Jayne of Gadzooks newsletter(she is a Brit married to a Greek with two daughters):

Believe me the Greek primary teachers do not need a pay rise - but rather a kick up the backside!
They are absolutely CRAP at their jobs - useless!
They start 'lessons' at 8.30 and finish at 12.30 with breaks included in this.
The parent is expected then to sit with the kid and help them (and explain) the work they have for homework .... as you can imagine for me, this is really difficult. Mostly, Natalia hasn't got an idea as to what and why she does things. Nats is not a genius but she's not the 'bottom' of the class either! Which makes me wonder exactly what her over made up - thong wearing under white skirts teacher is actually doing during those approx 4 hrs.
I can't stand the way Greek teachers work - Greece is overloaded with evening classes of all kinds - teachers work on the basis that all children pay for evening classes so they teach accordingly - i.e leave the difficult work to the over paid evening schools. Greek kids cannot pass their final exams without the help of these incredibly expensive evening schools. Greek society plays on the one thing that keeps Greek families together ~ The desire to give ALL to your children, as many Greeks suffered even 30 yrs ago and do not want their children to experience the same live as they did. Thus producing spoilt little monsters.
It's not unusual for a family to be paying at least 1,000 euro a month on 2 kids for evening classes. I know for sure there is no way a British family would do this unless they were mega, mega rich! Something is terribly wrong with an education system that relies on evening schools to finish the work for them and even after years of paying huge amounts of money many kids did not even get the pass mark to get into the local 'technical college' never mind university!

Below are links to some of Jayne's sites. Please check them out.

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