I haven't posted much about the weather lately but it has been affecting (or is that effecting, I forget) our daily lives. Starting in June and almost everyday in July it has been unusually windy this year. Not that the speed is unusually high, it is just day after day of consistently high winds--between 30-36 mph. Now in August, the month known for Meltemi or consistently high winds, it is slacking off. We are due for several days of low breezes and then the wind shifting from the North to coming from the South.

For us this brings hot weather, but not the hot weather we read about elsewhere. Here is gets up to 90 °F / 32 °C; that isn't so bad except that our lows at night are still 80° F/ 27° C. Without air conditioning You have to sleep naked. Somehow though the heat saps any sexual stimulation. (So is affect or effect appropriate?)


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