I haven't telephoned my mother for a good long time. This week I fully intended to, BUT we have had something going every night--there is a 10 hour time difference so I can only call at night.

Karin and I have not had dinner alone together since who knows when. Our visiting Dutch friends take up a lot of time and then tonight we are going to dinner at our Dutch friends who live here. Last night was a beach party in a small cove sheltered from the high winds that drove us from the beach. Tonight we are up on the hill for some of Eddy's wonderful cooking.


At August 21, 2006 1:56 AM Bloggo said...

Michael, Hello again. I wonder if you could put me in touch with Eddy about getting a copy of his cookbook? You can e-mail me from this page:

E-mail form

Thanks again.

At August 23, 2006 6:04 PM Jane Roberts said...

I think many people living on or visiting Paros would be interested to hear about this blog
and the wonderful effort these girls are putting in to raise money for a rescue boat. I hope to God it's never needed again but if it is, they are doing their best.......

Please support them, with messages or donations - they deserve it


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