This evening during dinner on our veranda Karin and I noticed a small salamander/gecko crawling down the wall between the light fixture and the shutter. It was an unusual orange/clear color with a wiggling tail that made it look like a large scorpion. (We have had small scorpions on our veranda.) We thought that was interesting but it soon disappeared somewhere.

Later as we were playing cards in the cool breeze we noticed two normal-colored grey salamanders crawling along the beam between the window and door--and between two light fixtures. Was one of them the earlier creature, having changed colors, or had these two chased the other off? Soon our attention was riveted to one of them stalking a moth over the door. As we watched carefully, with Karin getting a crook in her neck, we were rewarded with witnessing the salamander pounce, while on the bottom of the beam, and crawl away into a corner with the moth in his mouth. We applauded as the moth gave a death shudder.

To think I have always been appalled at accounts of crowds cheering and applauding at executions. Everything is relative, I am deciding.


At September 03, 2006 12:46 AM Omni said...

I didn't know that salamanders could change color!! :-O

At September 04, 2006 8:37 AM prashanth said...

Hi Paros,

Greek culture has always fascinated me. I got a taste of it when i lived in Cyprus for a year.

Great blog .. linked you.



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