We recommend all visitors to Paros include Santorini in their itinerary as well. It is an easy ferry trip--two to 4 hours depending upon ferry and route.

This first picture taken as you approach the ferry quay helps you understand why the first time you see the island from afar it appears to be snow capped.

This is our granddaughter, Sarah, taken from the opposite view.

Santorini is enjoyable sight seeing and shopping, but many people make the mistake of scheduling as much time there as for Paros. They usually find, however, that two days is plenty. While Paros, the island with something for everyone, takes 3 days just to scratch the surface.

Read more about Santorini and the excellent Paros beaches on our full service web site.

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At July 29, 2006 10:19 AM Anyta said...

I visited Santorini and I liked it very much! We have spent there one week! It was an amazing vacation! We have stayed at Grotto Villas - Very beautiful hotel!
Actually the choice of hotels is very large, but you have to be very attentive... there are some 4 star hotels that don't have pools!!


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