Regular readers may remember my mention of what happens to the wild flower wreaths created on May Day: They are burned on the 23 June celebration of St. John, the Baptist.

The tradition is to continue the good luck by jumping over the resulting bonfire.

This photo is of a jumper on the other side of the flame. I found it impossible with my digital camera to get a well timed photo. There is too much delay between pushing the button and the camera actually registering the scene.

This photo is of one young man timing his jump(far right) and others preparing their nerve.

Most of the early jumpers tend to be adolescents. Then as the free drinks start to take effect the older spectators become more adolescent and start jumping through the flames as well. Even I was tempted.

Maybe the whole event is the Greek island equivalent of "any excuse for a party". The Aliki Village association barbecues local octopus and provides what is euphemistically called Paros Ouzo. It is actually suma (known on Crete as rieke) which is a high-powered alcohol made from grape skins.

The full menu of octopus, suma, cucumber and water is all free, of course. There was plenty to go around. A good time was had by all.


At June 26, 2006 12:42 PM Chana said...

that sounds very interesting and fun.


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