Admittedly Karin and I do some strange things, especially when it comes to money. Last Christmas we were here on the island without family and decided to save our gifts to each other until we found something that we really wanted rather than buy whatever we could find at the time. Well, I found mine rather quickly last January--over the internet, of course. Karin is harder to please.

Yesterday we decided to have a little outing to Antiparos to check out Karin's favourite dress shop as she wanted something to wear to Athens next week. We left after dinner to catch the 8:30 P.M. ferry. It was as busy as I have ever seen it. Then I was very surprised at Main Street; it was active with mostly Swedish speaking people. Of course we were there between 9 and 10 when everybody on the island makes their way into town. Still it seemed more crowded than Parikia. Yet everybody was happy and smiling while they were shopping and eating. I felt like a minority among all the long, blond hair. I tried to snap a photo of a family group or two but didn't get the lighting right. In case you didn't know, Antiparos is very popular among the Scandinavian set.

Yes, Karin did find a dress that I bought for her Christmas present last year. Now we start looking for next year. She wouldn't model the dress, so I took a close-up.

Read more about Antiparos, a separate island that we consider a neighborhood of Paros, on our full service website:


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