Karin and I went for a three day holiday and it is taking me three days to catch up on work. I will write more as we prepare the photos. For now let me say the first highlight was seeing a group (is that pod?) of dolphins skipping through the waves. It only lasted a few seconds and no one near us was able to get photos. Although we had experienced the famous Fungy in the Dingle Bay in Ireland, these were the first dolphins we have seen in our 6 years of living on a Greek island. Yet the tourist bureau claims they are common and their likeness is often used in advertising.

Paros did receive some international publicity lately. Just last week several antiquities were discovered--in the Paros villa of former Getty Museum curator Marion True. This was a follow-up to her losing her job for borrowing the money for the villa from a Getty Museum supplier of antiquities. We don't know where her villa is but it must be something special as she paid $400,000 for it in 1995 when prices were a quarter of what they are now. We can only hope she covers some of her legal expenses by opening her home to the public--hehehe.

More details at: http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?from=rss_SciTech&set_id=1&click_id=&art_id=qw1144067401708B262


At April 09, 2006 8:56 AM Chana said...

Holidaying is so great but getting packed is work. The trip are joyful but the unpacking is dreadful. The memories are gorgeous but the catching up is alot of work. Nontheless how many of us would give up any chance for a little R&R? Not me for sure. I'm so glad to hear you both got to enjoy the beauty of where your surroundings. I'm happy for your time off. It sounds like you both had a great time and i hope many wonderful memories were made. I love dolphins. I dream to watch them in the ocean, to swim with them...You were most lucky and i'm glad for your experience. Welcome back to you both.


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