Our island of Paros is blessed with a large, diverse and vibrant community of the arts. Probably because we have un-ending beauty combined with the light and air of Greece that has inspired the artistic mind long before mankind had a history to record. Yet Paros is just now maturing when it comes to places to display its art. Over the years hotels, restaurants and wineries have doubled as the major venues for local and visiting artists to be seen.

Recently we have taken a giant step to improve the situation with the establishment of The Apothiki Gallery. The founders, Dirk Drijbooms and Hilde Van Lindt from Belgium, have specific goals in mind. To quote them:
“An art center with an ‘easy access approach’, no ‘whispering gallery
atmosphere’, a meeting place for confronting ideas and perceptions, a
professional space for exhibitions and performances and last, but certainly not
least, a healthy creative inter-action with the local and international
community of Paros, artists and art lovers alike!

In other words the Apothiki Gallery over the last two years has not only hosted world class exhibitions it has been the meeting place of choice for any and every artistic event that it can hold. For instance the local association, International Paros Art Circle, is currently holding a very well attended series of discussions on Art Appreciation.

Another very attractive aspect of this art center is its residency programme. Again it is the ‘place of Paros’ that is the drawing card. Talented and renowned artists are encouraged to spend time on Paros not only creating but refreshing their soul. Once they have been here they become friends for life and our island environment is enhanced accordingly.

The gallery is hidden away between two narrow lanes in the old section of town. Prior to their restoration, the 600 year old buildings were used to store olive oil, wine and other ‘precious goods’ and were known by the local people as the apothiki. They have a very full and complete schedule for the 2006 season and are already accepting enquiries for 2007. Apothiki is a member of the worldwide network of Residential Art Centers RESARTIS.

Learn more at their web site and read about Paros Hospitality Art Workshops here.


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