How time flies. It is been more than 4 days since I posted. What reminded me was 2 for 1 Day at Blogmad. There I was reading blogs instead of posting. You have probably seen this everywhere but head on over at this link to get two visitors for every blog you read--only 11 hours left as I write this:

Here on Paros I have too many things pulling me too many directions. Whoops, I shouldn't have written that because it is a lot less hectic than real life elsewhere. That was supposed to be a lead into the fact that I had a lot of little comments but nothing to assemble into an interesting blog post. But then I realised that part of my time crunch is due to spending a couple of hours on each of two mornings walking the beach looking for shells. We were told that during the Spring Equinox a certain stretch of beach would have large sea snail shells. Nothing yet.

Also driving home from town yesterday I noted two signs that the season had started. By the time I got home I could only remember one: the moped/motor scooter rental/hire shops were now open.

Better luck next post. --Or go to our web site; everything is more together there:


At March 22, 2006 7:26 AM Chana said...

Walking the beaches is a magnificant way to start the are very lucky. so, how is the floating rock idea coming along? Hoping you make them into turtles say? :)

At March 24, 2006 7:20 PM Paros Shepherd said...

I have no drawing talent what-so-ever! So I have to wait for visitors this summer. I will have them do a turtle and see what it looks like?


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