I am quite perturbed!! (In thinking about this post I used less polite language.) --At myself--let me tell you why . . .

Monday I noticed my whisky supply was getting low so I think tomorrow I will buy some. Tuesday was very stormy so I think, No big deal, tomorrow will be O.K. Wednesday mid-afternoon I think, I must must remember to go to the store this evening when they re-open after 5:30. Then at about 7 P.M. I put on my shoes, coat and hat, start up the moped and hop on down to the local shop--CLOSED--just like it is every Wednesday evening October through April.

I have been living in Europe for over 10 years and on Paros for about half that time; I still cannot get used to Wednesday closing! Saturday it is easy to remember to stock up on groceries to last until Monday but I just cannot get used to not having a shop open during socialable hours. Maybe a night without whisky will teach me.

I first saw that term socialable hours in Ireland as part of their labour laws. Greece is much more behind the times in legislating the market place thus the Wednesday closing and other regulated shop hours. Tourist areas have seasonal exemptions so we are not as bothered by it as most areas. Times are changing, however, as Greece slowly comes up to EU norms despite constant protest by the unions and other vested interests. I will write more on this subject as well. (Contain your excitement, please.)


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