In one way the new season started last night: our "local" re-opened.

When the season is in full swing there are between 10 and 12 establishments where one can buy food and drink in Aliki. The busiest is always Manoli's. It is a real cash cow for a young man in his 30's; scion of a local family.

Last night when he opened after a 2 month holiday there was a festive spirit in the air. About half the crowd were his friends and relatives the other half were like us, thankful for a comfortable place to eat and drink. We sat at a table with two expat brits and discussed the sociology of pub culture; comparing Greece with England, Ireland and the USA.

We all have different explanations of why Manoli does so well. Some of them are his personality; his menu--simple and basic: sandwiches, omelets; pizza, and just a couple Greek staples as well as ice cream treats and, of course, all the drinks; his children's play room making families welcome. We all agree you can't beat the location. As you look out to the right is the tree-filled central park with the beach beyond; to the centre is the beach and harbour full of small boats; to the left are piers with other restaurants and the fishing fleet. At sunset it is breathtaking; after dark it is romantic; during the day there is always activity to watch--during the season that is.

Can you tell I am anxious for the season?

That is Manoli's in the background during an annual car rally.


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