Paros is a great island for the leisurely bicycle riders because you can go around the whole island with only one major hill climb. Yet you still have spectacular scenery. You can also take shorter rides on nearly flat back roads with a plentiful supply of beaches and tavernas. The enthusiast has more than one hill climb into the mountains.

One island resident, Len Rooks, has caught island fever, however. It is so easy to get overly enthusiastic here, but most people temper it by getting second opinions over an uozo at the taverna.

Len has created and is strongly promoting a challenge for himself and others. He will be 60 in 2006 and is in a two year training regimen to ride the same distance as the Tour De France--3,639 kms (2,275 miles) over 21 days riding, with 2 rest days. There will also be other distances and courses for less fit and for off-road riders. It should be a fun event for all bicyclists and their friends.

More information at Tour of Paros: A charity cycle ride coinciding with the 2006 Tour De France in July.

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At December 07, 2005 10:34 PM Chas Ravndal said...

Hello!! I hope I can visit the Island of Paros when I will be in Greece soon since a friend of mine invited me over as well.


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