Like the rest of the Christian world, I am sure, we are into the full swing of Christmas--decorations, music, shopping.

Athens is going all out for Christmas this year. In addition to the traditional events at Syntagma Square they have added a fairy-tale village for young children in the National Gardens.

Through out the city there will be free concerts of all kinds:
Pop, Rock, Reggae and Jazz as well as classical, carols and Byzantine hymns--even a Dec 24 party featuring well known DJ's.

It all starts with a street and tree lighting on Dec 13--designed by EMMY-award winning lighting designer Eleftheria Deko--and goes non-stop until January 6.

Syntagma Square activities include a free carousal for all ages and will be flooded with entrepreneurs in Santa suits offering the traditional pony rides.

Read about our Athens Christmas Past Here.
Read about our 2007 Christmas in a later post.

By the way if you are a British expatriate living anywhere in the world BBC Radio would like to here from you. They are running a series about how expats are spending Christmas. Send an email to Radio Five and they will telephone you for a 5 minute interview. Sounds like fun, unless, of course, you are maudlin about spending Christmas away from home.

So, how about some comments, please. How are you spending Christmas? How would you like to spend Christmas? Non-Christian readers tell us what you think of the Christmas season--diplomatically, of course.


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