Island mentality, Not.

One of the major attractions of our life on a Greek island is the easy going, laid back attitude of our friends, neighbours and authorities. It can be frustrating when you want service, such as a new telephone line, but the overall pace of life reduces stress. You go along to get along.

Regular readers have probably noted that I am exchanging links with several new sites. Today I just wrote a brief article about volunteer travel.
Here are brief excerpts:
Many people find this a personally satisfying and economical way to have a holiday or vacation, make new life-long friends and accomplish good deeds all in one go. Yet it can also be a mine field of good intentions gone wrong and can cost more than a luxury cruise. The answer lies in research. Finally communicate with people who have been there; . . .

Please go to the site, read the short article and leave a positive comment. If your reaction is negative, buzz off.


At November 04, 2007 11:53 PM Bryn said...

The police are certainly laid back. In September, we were travelling by service bus from Drios to Naoussa. At the newly widened turn-off to Naoussa before Lefkes, at about 5pm, there were some 80 to 100 cars parked along all three limbs of the junction. The bus conductor said it was a drag fest, although we didn't see any drag-like cars.

As we were staying in Pension Hara adjacent to the police station we called in next day to report it. The policeman behind the desk was churlish and unfriendly and just responded with a series of non-committal ne-s and grunts.

We never did find out what really was happening.

Barbara & Bryn


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