A university student blogger temporary living on Paros asked this question. She wrote:

"As September blows into October, the islands are already changing. When we arrived in Greece three weeks ago, the streets were thick with hundreds of tourists. Then they were gone. As suddenly as the season changed from beach weather to sweatshirt temperature, the crowds outside my apartment dissipated. Thank goodness.

I was riding in a taxi last Sunday with three good friends. Our driver was an old Greek man who could speak English fluently. I asked him curiously, what was his favorite time of year on Paros? He didn't hesitate, "When the tourists leave."

Imagine if our campus was an archeological site. Instead of 150 years old, it was 1,500 years old and known throughout the world for its beauty. Every year, millions of tourists would arrive by bus, train, and hot air balloon to snap pictures of buildings where we live. They would need food, water and places to stay. They don't usually recycle, rarely speak our language and typically leave their trash behind.
Prices everywhere would rise because of higher demand, but they would arrive regardless, awed by the beauty of our quaint paradise. And you, dear friend, would either cater to their needs or eventually be forced to leave.

At minimum you would need to speak something besides English. At that point we might understand how the citizens of Greece feel during tourist season."

Complete Original.

So readers, how would your life change if your town were "discovered"? Would the value of your property increase greatly? Would your children have better jobs or opportunities? Would you live more comfortably? Please comment.


At October 07, 2007 5:12 AM The Bimbo said...

Well I live in Singapore... and honestly Singapore is really tiny.. about the size of one of your cities. But near my area, they would be building an F1 race track and I do believe when it's done, it'll be really busy. As of now... even before it's been built, property prices are going through the roof. I don't relish having so many tourists on my doorstep really. Hope I don't have to put maps of the East Coast on my door to prevent bell-ringers.

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At May 14, 2009 12:50 PM 70-547 said...

Building F1 race track near to your home means huge visitors on every prix. good to you..


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