I received an interesting message on MySpace yesterday. Here it is:

Geia sou! My name is Niko, I'm a Greek musical artist from Nashville, Tennessee.
I’m writing to share my music with you! 20 mp3’s for free, no strings attached!
My dream is to share my music with the world but especially with Greece because it is the land of my roots! I love Greece - its land, its people, its culture.
Simply go to NikoOnline.com to download all 20 songs, absolutely free! All I ask for in return is that if you like the tunes, put them in your mp3 player or computer and share them with all your friends! Help make my dream come true!
If you’d like to be updated on when I’ll be performing live in your area and other exciting news, I invite you to sign up on my email list at NikoOnline.com Efkaristo, and say hello to beautiful Greece for me! Niko
P.S. If you enjoy my music, Please send me a friend request. :)
P.P.S. This photo was taken on Santorini last summer...

I liked the first song that I played, but not the second. Let me know what you think.


At June 28, 2007 2:53 PM Anonymous said...

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