What a day. Too much!

To much food and too much wine. I went to bed early; before our guests had left in fact. Karin, always the perfect hostess, managed to stay up and see them all off. The next day, however, she was at half speed.

To much food even though my first attempt at barbequeing lamb--thankfully we didn't know which one from the field next door we were eating--did not produce anything edible until the next day. I blame it on the cooling effect of the island wind.

Just as we sitting down for our dinner (including thankfully some roast pork brought by one of the guests, Robert) Mathios, our neighbor and landlord arrived and insisted we all come to his house for food and wine. We promised him we would be up in 30 minutes. So using Greek time, an hour later we left to experience a Greek easter celebration--much toasting, much food, much music and dancing and did I mention much wine.

The only reason the evening ended was that Mathios had to milk his goats. Karin said, Poor Mathios; I replied, Poor goats.


At April 26, 2006 4:50 PM Chana said...

Poor goats indeed. It sounds like such a lively way to celebrate: I love it. TOo Much of anything and everything is sometimes just the perfect amount. Sounds wonderful.

My ex and 2 of my kids are just like what you say....they can never go past a certain time. No matter what the party is about Christmas Eve or New Years they end up sleeping it through. It's kinds amuzing. We usually make bets who falls at sleep first :) .


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