I banged out another article for content publishing. You saw it here first.

The standard business incentive is to reward high performers with expense paid travel to some exotic or prestigious location. For normal performers it is to allow a vacation so they can pay their own way to the destination of choice.

Now, however, I am seeing more and more articles and references about companies enabling their workers, both employees and “out sourced” personnel (contractors), to work at home. This article extends that idea of home to include the beach, your boat or any other desirable or “life style” location.
(Insert photo of your dream spot here.)

I live and work in a pleasant villa over looking a sandy beach near a quiet village on the Greek isle of Paros. My wife and I have a relaxed and fun lifestyle but we are not making much money. We do hear of others who are making fortunes with website marketing.

Guess I am just not buying enough “How To” books and programs from the professionals who are now teaching instead of doing. They are all working hard to make you rich, of course. I am sure some have actually done very well with original ideas. I think it takes the perfect combination of personality, program, and timing. Oh yes, a little work never goes amiss.

For instance one guy looked like he had a good thing going selling lottery syndicates. I was interested until I found that 20% of your weekly payments went to the lottery; 80% to the people who recruited you. I want to sell a good value product not promote recruiting. There is always eBay.

Nevertheless modern electronics is making the whole concept more viable. Broadband access is now available nearly everywhere and expanding rapidly in capabilities. You can do whatever you want anywhere you want--as long as it involves computers.

Another factor in relocation to the beach is low cost air flights. They allow the work-at-home while living abroad person to maintain connections to office politics as well as visit family. Oil prices, however, seem to have reversed the trend of ever lower air fares.

So you really do have a choice between frenetic commutes and a year around tan. But is it worth the price?

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At March 19, 2006 4:08 AM Chana said...

First, thanks for stopping by and the lovely comment.
Now, here too it seems that 'everybody' is getting rich if you just bought this book or went to the seminar..I cannot tell you how much money has been spent by my ex and mom and sis...so far the only one making the big bucks is the guy they pay to go hear talk....I hope you make it big no matter what you do but i hope that in the mean time you don't loose what seems to be a peaceful and so lovely way of life....The description of where you and your wife live is just straight out of my dreams....good luck...:)


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