Since the balance of our recent trip to Turkey was pretty much a typical tourist experience I have decided not to write about it in detail.

Search any travel guide site for good information. The site we found particularly helpful with advance planning was Tom Brosnahan's Turkey Travel Planner

We enjoyed Turkey very much. We had been just a little concerned about traveling in a Moslem country but now know better. Everyone we talked to was helpful and friendly; we saw a great many smiles. The only experience we had that touched on the political or the government was when I clicked on a link to YouTube. Up popped a page that said this site was blocked by some government agency whose name I don't remember--that applied to all of YouTube.

I will show a few of my favourite photos that are not of the major tourist venues.

The first one above is of an Istanbul kiosk. A bit more elegant that what you see in Athens.

We enjoyed the markets. Surprise, Surprise we had no problems with pushy sales people.

Each of the fish vendors try to out do their neighbor in artistic display.

The spice market is called the Egyptian Market for historical reasons.


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