I have written several times, e.g. Taste the Place, extolling the virtues of enjoying Greek food and wine at its source. Now I can say unequivocally that same applies to art.

Last week Karin and I drove our scooters up a long, narrow, rough road several miles into the central hills of Paros to an abandoned village. A few of the houses have been upgraded and re-occupied but there are still no electricity lines. My words cannot describe the beauty of the setting that our Dutch sculptress friend, Reina Ramakers, creates in. Hopefully these pictures will convey the quality of the experience.

Likewise my photos just hint at the quality of the work produced by the two artists who were exhibiting. I was very impressed with the photo galleries on their web sites. They are in Dutch so just browse around and you will find them.

Reina Ramakers

Jessy Boelen

The two artists


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